Mystery Box – $199 Value

Mystery Box – $199 Value


In stock

In stock

This listing is for a mystery box of Pokémon cards and related products.
This mystery box is guaranteed to contain $199 of value (please see note on value below).
This mystery box could contain:
  • Single Pokémon Cards
  • Graded Pokémon Cards (PSA, CGC, CGA, TCG, etc)
  • Pokémon Booster Packs
  • Pokémon Booster Box
  • Pokémon Elite Trainer Box (ETB)
  • Sealed Pokémon Card Products (tins, boxes, etc)
  • Pokémon Card Accessories (Binders, Albums, Sleeves, Toploaders)
  • Pokémon Video Games (Nintendo Switch)
  • Pokémon Toys (Plush, Figures, etc)

All $199 Myster Boxes will at least contain:

  • 1x (or more) Sealed TCG Product
  • 1x (or more) Special Single Card (V, VMax, GX, EX, Full Art, Secret Rare, Shiny Vault, Classic Collection, etc)
  • 1x (or more) Other item (Graded Cards, Video Games, Toys, Accessories etc)

Exact box contents cannot be guaranteed – the contents of any particular box will be random. You may contact us and request to include or exclude your favourite Pokémon or specific items, and we will try to accommodate where possible. However, box contents still cannot be guaranteed and by purchasing this product you agree that you will receive a random selection of products/cards that matches the description above.

If you 100% require certain items to be included/excluded please contact us before purchasing.

About Video Games

If you do not want any video games in your mystery box (e.g. you don’t own a Switch console to play them), or you do not want specific video games (e.g. you already own a specific game/s and don’t want to double up), please contact us or leave a message during check out.

About Value

Everyone has a different idea of what an item is valued at. When we value an item to include in a mystery box, we are generally using the RRP for a modern item, or the average market price for an older item, single card, graded card, etc. This means we will usually use something like eBay sold listings to calculate the fair market price. This means the fair market price will often be lower than the higher priced sold listings on eBay, but higher than the lowest ever sold listings on eBay (or marketplace, etc). As an example, we generally value a modern Booster Box at $150-180 (depending on the set), a modern ETB at $70 for a regular set, a modern special/holiday set ETB at $100, a 3-Pack blister at $20, a single pack at $5-6, a switch game at $70, etc.

If you expect “market price” to mean the cheapest ever listings you’ve seen, or if you expect to value sealed product at super special sale prices, please do not purchase this product. You will be disappointed if you expect all items to be valued at the lowest you can find them for.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 1 cm